Our Work As Flooring Specialists In Weston-super-Mare

Trevor Smith Flooring Ltd has positioned itself as a premier flooring services company providing a number of services to its clients. Our primary focus is to ensure getting value for money for our clients. We ensure the following services:

  • The high quality of materials for luxurious brands
  • Over 30 years of experience that ensures we advise on designs, style, colour and class of material
  • Remove old or obsolete flooring with our highly qualified technicians
  • Best workmanship from flooring experts

We use the following materials carpet, laminate, tile and vinyl for flooring.

Different Types Of Flooring We Recommend

We offer high quality flooring materials and we have specialists teams who install the flooring by the different materials and styles that are preferred by each and every client. We can advise on:

How Each Of The Flooring Material Compare

Best Options For Office Flooring or Commercial Properties

Best Flooring Options For Homes or Domestic Residences